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Our mission

Spin Up was created to respond to increasing needs related to data reliability and safety in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). We provide assistance and expertise to MRI departments, helping them to confidently manage EMF-related risks for their workers and their patients.  

Our customers (hospitals, private practices, medical imaging centers, medical devices manufacturers, …) benefit from our strong research background, through innovative and accessible services directly created from our clinical expertise.

Spin Up is an ALARA GROUP company along with Fibermetrix, ALARA Expertise and Neolys. We are experts in risk management for ionizing and non-ionizing radiations.


professionals trained in MRI safety


hospitals & clinics


peer-reviewed publications

What drives us

  • Optimizing customer care
  • Enhancing MRI safety
  • Assessing the global and specific operation of your MRI system
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  • Optimizing medical devices characteristics
  • Conducting clinical studies to discover new biomarkers 
  • Diagnostics reliability supported by numerical simulations
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Our core team

We are a pluridisciplinary team of engineers and PhDs from various fields, such as applied mathematics (numerical simulation), physics (including biomedical engineering) and medical imaging.

Julie Kabil

MRI Physicist

M.Eng. and PhD in physics. Electromagnetic simulation and MRI safety specialist.

Morgane Garreau

PhD Student

M.Eng., PhD student in mathematics and numerical simulation.

Thomas Puiseux

R&D Project Manager

M.Eng. and PhD in mathematics and numerical simulation. Fluid mechanics and MRI simulation specialist.

Ramiro Moreno

Chief Technology Officer

Medical physicist and PhD, specialized in medical imaging and numerical fluid mechanics.

Anou Sewonu

President - Chief Operating Officer

PhD in MRI physics, Quality Assurance (QA) and MRI safety specialist.


"A team of dynamic, innovation-driven experts with whom we have been working for more than ten years within the scope of a labeled research unit."

Professor Hervé Rousseau Head of Radiology - Rangueil University Hospital, Toulouse

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